Remediation of depleted soils by addition of ion exchange resins. 1997


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Remediation of depleted soils by addition of ion exchange resins

Parallel investigations with fertility were carried out in standard garden soil with ion exchange substrate BIONA 111 as well with mixtures in different proportions. The ion exchange substrate was a mixture of ion exchange resins saturated in certain proportions with a complete set of biogenic ions. Plant productivity in the ion exchange substrate in a 6-week vegetation period was 950 g/kg of the green biomass compared with 29 g/kg in soil. Productivity linearly depended on the mass fraction of the ion exchange substrate in the mixtures with the garden soil. Addition of 1% of the ion exchange substrate is sufficient for starting vegetation in completely depleted soil and barren sand. Addition of different ionic forms of ion exchange resins (K+, Ca2+ +Mg2+ +K+, NO3−, NO3− +H2PO42− +SO42−) caused pronounced positive effects on soil productivity though these effects were less significant than those of ion exchange substrate. Addition of ion exchange substrates can be an efficient means for remediation of destroyed soils and fruitless rocks. © 1997 Elsevier Science B.V.

Keywords: Ion exchangers; Soil restoration; Ion exchange substrate; Environmental protection

V.S. Soldatov, L. Pawłowski, E. Kloc, I. Szymanska, V.V. Matushevich

Technical Uni6ersity of Lublin, Nadbystrzycka 40 Str., 20-618, Lublin, Poland b Agricultural Academy of Lublin, Akademicka 11 Str., 20-033, Lublin, Poland c Institute of Physical Organic Chemistry of the National Belarus Academy of Sciences, Surgan o6 13 Str., Minsk 220 072, Belarus
Received 10 December 1995; received in revised form 16 June 1997; accepted 17 June 1997